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Our goal is to create stylish accessories for self-conscious women and men. We put aesthetics first, we love beautiful things. The design philosophy is based on balance. Timeless pieces with a contemporary feel. A focus on the essential lines, without losing the silhouette. Pure designs with detailed finishing. Our personality is humble. We want to stand out, but only when you look twice.

We make high quality products that last for more then one season. Buy less and choose well. We stand for sustainable fashion and we follow our own rhythm. Slow fashion means our pieces need to be versatile. Accessories that make you confident and can adapt to our hectic lifestyles. Authentic designs that give you the opportunity to be yourself and to express your personality in every situation.

By combining the clean lines with high quality materials, we tend to give our customers a loved, luxury item that makes their life just a little more sparkling!
All the leather is from Tuscany, Italy. The designs are made by Evelien Vanhooydonck. She lives in Vietnam where the bags are manufactured. ‘Because I live near to the workshop, I can follow up closely. I am grateful to be part of the life in Vietnam and to spend time with the craftsmen that make my ideas reality.’

Evelien Vanhooydonck a Belgian accessory design label

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About Evelien Vanhooydonck

About Evelien Vanhooydonck

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